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Grateful – Day 15

For October 4th – I’m late on hitting publish for this post. I got sucked into a 4 hour marathon of Halloween Wars on Food Network. Who knew that pumpkin carving, sugar molding, and cake creating could consume my attention.

#1 Childhood snacks. I didn’t know they made pumpkin flavored marshmallows until today and damn do they make tasty rice krispy treats.

#2 Gardenias – the picture is from the gardenia bush that grows in my back yard. I’m bummed the flowers aren’t there year round but it seems that when I want to know if my family that has crossed over is close by, the flowers are there and in full bloom. My grandfather might have tended and had great rose gardens but the scent of gardenias will always remind me of him. When I see the flowers, I know he’s close by.

#3 Doctor Who – I’m still a little unsettled on the new episodes of Doctor Who, but tonight’s episode all though fast, jerky, and a bit scattered in thought was very touching with the theme of death, creation, and who decides what lives and what dies.

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