Exist Loudly

Grateful – Day 17

#1 It was a beautiful fall day today and I was very grateful that I got to enjoy it with the doors open at work and in solitude. It was a quiet day in the office. Not a lot of phone calls or emails. I was able to just catch up and file away things. I know it’s weird to be grateful for that but when it’s go, go, go the moments where I can take a deep breath are appreciated.

#2 A friend, one of my a sista-from-another-mister, taking the moment out of her busy day just to shoot me a text that she knew would make me smile. Sometimes it’s the little things.

#3 Reading my friend Mark’s post “The Road Home”. I was struck by his words “life is happening here”. It stuck with me all day. Haunted me all day. Made me feel like the photo of the meerkat by questioning everything and wondering if I was I standing in my own way or if my life happening here.


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