Exist Loudly

Grateful – Day 18

#1 That photo is one of my favorite moments of my day. Every day, I sit on the couch before I go to work and have a zen moment with the dogs. My roommates dogs Gypsy and Max are on either side and my dog, Nick, on my lap and every day, he does this. My dad summed it up best, “It’s amazing how much love can come out of an animal. It seems to be all they strive for is for a person just to love them.” I’m glad my dad rescued Nick.

#2 As weird as this sounds, I’m grateful for Ramen noodles. It’s a reminder of my mom. I have great memories of eating various flavors with her as kid and even as an adult, and as I ate Ramen today, I was reminded of them.

#3 Signs from the Universe that you’re doing it right or on the right path. They’re usually never giant signs like a stop sign, but often small tokens but if you’re listening, watching, and in the moment, you can miss them.

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