Exist Loudly

Grateful – Day 19

#1 My roommate, Melany. She’s the one that normally cooks and dusts and I am the one that does the mops and does the yard work. We’re not forced into these jobs, we both like to do them and it works for us as roommates. She’s been under the weather all week but sent me a text that said, “I feel bad I haven’t cooked all week” and then said she had cooked. I’m grateful for that. Our friendship has it’s ups and downs and epic drunken fights but despite it all, if she needed a friend no matter where we are in life, she knows she has one in me.

#2 NHL hockey is officially back. This is day one of the season and I am beyond excited.

#3 Fantasy hockey. It makes me keep track of teams I don’t necessarily care for or root for but I find myself rooting when my fantasy player is doing well.

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