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Music Brought to You by the Letter: “L” – Linus Young

ARTIST: Linus Young
SONG: “Home”
ALBUM: CATEGORY 5, available now

I know LINUS YOUNG has been “The Letter L” before, and when they stop inspiring me to share their music, I’ll stop writing about them. When CATEGORY 5 was released, I was scared I wouldn’t like the album. Especially since I’ve been patiently waiting for it and had high hopes it was going to be a solid album from beginning to end. Also of the tracks they had released, “City of Sin,” “Sister,” “Crystal Ball,” and “Fun in the Sun”, the last two tracks though good didn’t have the same blown away impact on me as the first two tracks. The sound seemed to be complete opposite ends of the spectrum, but as CATEGORY 5 opened with “Home”, I was taken to church…back to a memory of feeling connected to something higher than myself. The harmonies and bells are absolutely beautiful in the song and though it’s a short, a mere, two minutes and eighteen seconds, it sets the tone for the album and did not let me down.

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