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Track of the Day: “Beach Houses” by LANKS

I may have squealed when I saw this pop up in my Soundcloud feed and I am being honest. I did squeal.

LANKS has become one of my favorite artists in the last few months. We’ve posted about LANKS on this site here, here, and here.

Quick recap of LANKS (aka Will Cuming) is from Melbourne, Australia who also fronts FARROW. Just a mere 24 years of age or so LANKS is using this project to explore the traditional folk storytelling via electronic music.

It’s starting to turn Summer in Melbourne so I can’t be too upset that I did not have this for my summer here in the US but there is something so damn infectious about this song I may have listened to for 30 minutes strait on repeat. (Not even lying there).

“Beach Houses” takes me back to the summer and warmer weather. It is groovy, catchy, and captivating. A perfect summer tune.

LANKS: Facebook | Twitter | Website

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