Closer to the Edge

30 Day Song Challenge Redux (Day 5): Song that Reminds You of Someone

This song will forever be associated with my mom. When I hear it, I know she’s with me.

“Closer to the Edge” by 30 Seconds to Mars. The beginning of this video sums up what the song means to me. It was playing in the car when I arrived at the hospital and I played it on repeat until she left the hospital. Days of this song on repeat but it felt like one long moment in time. A moment in time that has been seared into my life forever. The song makes me cry sometimes in remembrance, but for the most part it makes me cry in knowing that I have chosen the right path for myself and that my path includes my mom walking silently and invisible along side of me.

I will never regret. I will never forget. I will live my life closer to the edge.

2011 30 Day Song Challenge answer: “Closer to the Edge”