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Track of the Day: “Legendary Lovers” by 26

I am a bit biased, but 26‘s cover of KATY PERRY‘s “Legendary Lovers” is absolutely wonderful.

Even if I am biased, I prefer the cover by 26 over the original. The song sounds meaningful and full of emotion their way and while I listen to Katy’s version, I feel as if it’s a series of bad puns sung by 16 year old. That’s just my opinion. As you can see below everyone’s ear hears things differently. It’s what makes music fantastic and what makes covering a song even more fantastic. Especially when the cover makes you give the original song a second chance. (I gave it a chance. Not my cup of tea.)

From Nick about the cover (excerpt): “…but the second track blew me away! I thought it sounded like she was covering a Bruce Springsteen song. I listened to that song over and over on the way home….I could hear how we’d do it as an E Street Band-esque arrangement. So I had to record it that day. This recording has sat on the shelf since then…thougt, I’d dust it off and let you all hear how [26] would do ‘Legendary Lovers’ in the style of “Springsteen in space”.

In his post on YouTube, Nick says 26 and SAINT HUGHS will have more music in 2015. Let’s bring on 2015 swiftly. Please and thank you.

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