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Top 5 Songs of 2014

In the spirit of INFIDELITY (the movie), we give you our (Amy and Shelia) TOP 5 SONGS OF 2014

Amy’s Top 5 Songs:

“Habits” by TOVE LO – Two main reasons why this is such a favorite for me. I went to Stockholm this summer and fell in love with the place. She is from Stockholm, the video was filmed there and overall it makes me happy thinking of travelling. But mostly becusae I really love the song and the overall message. I so understand the feeling of wanting/needing to distract your brain to just keep from thinking of someone, and the desire to just forget the missing.

“You Haunt Me” by SIR SLY – There is a bit of FOSTER THE PEOPLE in here, but this song wins for earworm of the year. It is the song that I have woken up to more nights than any others. It truly does haunt me, but I love it. I also love the line “I’m aimless heading toward nowhere at the speed of light”. I feel that way so many days lately.

“Cool Kids” by ECHOSMITH – Sure I am 40, but there is part of me that still feels that I don’t fit in. It seems that no matter where I am there is a group of people that are the “cool kids” and I have never and will never be one of those people. I am OK with this overall, but this song still resonates with me.

“Gooey” by GLASS ANIMALS – yeah I have no idea what this is about. I know they say peanut butter vibes and it makes me happy to hear the song.

“Budapest” by GEORGE EZRA – I would love to go to Budapest and the overall melody of this song is great. But I think overall the lyrics is what I love the most about this….that everything in life is worth giving up for love. Things are just things, love is what matters.

Shelia’s Top 5 Songs:

“I Like You” by SAINT HUGHS – The dynamic Aussie duo of Nick O’Donnell and Drew Fellows (of 26 fame) team up with Holly Borich for a fun, dynamic, and infectious song. I can’t stop listening to it.

“Beach Houses” by LANKS – Another Aussie artist here, LANKS is Will Cuming from Melbourne. I was actually torn between “Beach Houses” and “Brave Man” by LANKS, but ultimately decided that “Beach Houses” resonates with my beach/ocean loving soul. For me, the music captures that light and airy feeling of standing on the beach with the wind and ocean spray surrounding you in a gentle zen like hug.

“Eyeshadow” by NO DEVOTION – From the ashes of LOSTPROPHETS and THURSDAY, rises NO DEVOTION. The remaining members of LOSTPROPHETS teamed up with former front man of THURSDAY, GEOFF RICKLY and the marriage of two is nothing short of amazing retro sounding brilliance. When I first listened to “Eyeshadow” I was completely enthralled. For me, the guitars were U2-esque with the vocals sounding of my DEPECHE MODE, CURE, and LOVE AND ROCKETS. This song just made me unbelievable happy. I am really glad that Jamie, Lee, Mike, Stu, and Luke continued forward with Geoff to make fantastic music.

“Stranger” by MOTHXR – This song is sexy, seductive, and captivating. I am addicted to the sound of this band and am very glad I stumbled onto them. I look forward to hearing more from them.

“Wicked Ones” by DOROTHY – Love, love, love this kick to the face song. It’s just ballsy and kick ass.

Amy’s honorable mention: “Happy Idiot” by TV ON THE RADIO
Shelia’s honorable mention:  “You Look So Good to Me” by THIEF