Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life: December 2014

I was a little all over the music spectrum this month, and though it’s a “light” month in songs. Each song touched my spirit in various ways and just reminded me on how to live and dream.

“Tides” by Jimmy Buffett
These lyrics…my life.
“That the pull of the moon lingers on. Something we can’t escape…To whom it may concern, I’ve always tried to learn that the good days need to last, seasoned with a lot of laughter, here and in the ever after with poetry and painters from my past. So I follow the tides on currents far and wide. Chalking up the stories and the miles…And that’s the reason I will never lose my smile…And I follow the tides, down my songlines far and wide. The world to me should still be free and wild.”

“Beach Houses” by LANKS
I am really digging the music that LANKS is putting out and even the songs he’s remixed are good as well. What I really like about this song is that it the essence of the beach. Bright, airy, and transporting one to the sea side.

“Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars
This song is just wonderful. From the horns, the harmonies, the bass…it’s all perfection. Mark Ronson nailed the feel of that old school Motown vibe, with a bit of that 70’s funk, and with Bruno Mars on vocals, I feel like it’s an ode to James Brown. This song just puts me in a good mood.

“Rainbow” by Emigrate
When Richard of Rammstein hinted that there would be a new Emigrate album, I have waited patiently for the release. I mean I couldn’t really bitch and moan because I had a new Rammstein album to hold me over. December was the release month and it did not disappoint. It is the best album of 2014 for me. This is my favorite track on the album. It’s an ode to Richard’s little girl.

“Forward” by The Midnight Hollow
I am so glad I stumbled onto this NY band. This song just wows me every time I hear it! Spencer Draeger’s vocals just kills me.