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Eargasm of the Week: “Forward” by The Midnight Hollow

One of the best things about loving and listening to music is stumbling onto artists that make you stop what you’re doing and sit and listen. By listening, I mean, putting on head phones and listening to the song and then listening to it again and picking the song apart for different sounds, techniques, intricacies, and so on.

This is what “Forward” by THE MIDNIGHT HOLLOW did to me.

The drums remind me of the feeling I got when I first heard “Tusk” by FLEETWOOD MAC. Fleetwood was able to make the drums something that was almost other wordly and Midnight succeeds in doing that as well. I wanted more drums then. I wanted more drums now. The vocals sweep me back and remind me of some of my favorite artists like THE CHURCH, LOVE AND ROCKETS, SISTERS OF MERCY, and PETER MURPHY. The vocals of SPENCER DRAEGER gives me the chills. “Forward” is an epic song. Epic in sound. Epic in lyrics. Epic in vocals.

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From the band’s Soundcloud page on what they are/sound like: “We are a hypnotic, psych-pop band from New York. Keep it strange and lose yourself” and I just love that last part: KEEP IT STRANGE AND LOSE YOURSELF.