16 Clefs


I posted my Top 5 albums list over at 16 Clefs last week, but wanted to give my Top 10 here. I was really doubting that there would be decent albums for the first half of the year, but the last half of the year did not disappoint.

In order from 10 to 1:

#10: STUCK by ADELITAS WAY: I’ve always enjoyed this band’s music. From their self titled debut album, to HOME SCHOOL VALEDICTORIAN (sophomore album) to this, their third album, they always stay true to what they are. A kick ass rock band. They’re vocal on how the music industry works and how it also robs from the artists. They’re a passionate rock band and it shows in their music and in their lyrics.

#09: HIGHWAYS by BRUNO MERZ: I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing Bruno prior to the release of his album HIGHWAYS for 16 Clefs. It’s such a beautiful and heartfelt album. It was my musical company while I was in Key West. The quiet, peaceful songs were the perfect soundtrack for a loud and sometimes obnoxious little island.

#08: RYAN ADAMS by RYAN ADAMS: This might be my favorite Ryan album since EASY TIGER. Sometimes his music just seems effortless and the amount of music he cranks out sometimes is just amazing. This album is effortless and great.

#07: PURE ADULTERATED JOY by MORNING PARADE: Sadly, this band is no more as the music industry isn’t always kind to the bands that have talent and this band was talented and really nice fellows. This is a superb sophomore album. Catchy, fun, and an absolute joy (no pun intended).
FAVORITE SONG: “Alienation”

#06: SONGS OF INNOCENCE by U2: I don’t care what anyone says. This album was solid. I enjoyed the album from beginning to end. Even though it was free, I did end up buying SONGS OF INNOCENCE + as well.
FAVORITE SONG: “Song for Someone”

#05: MY FAVOURITE FADED FANTASY by DAMIEN RICE – Damien has sort of been M.I.A since his album 9 CRIMES but he came back with a punch and a kick with MY FAVOURITE FADED FANTASY. It just a beautiful and sad album. It’s signature DAMIEN RICE.
FAVORITE SONG: “The Greatest Bastard”

#04: CATEGORY 5 by LINUS YOUNG: I set the bar really high for my expectations for this full length album from this duo. Their second single “Sister” was so hauntingly beautiful and poetic and made me a huge fan. When their third single “Crystal Ball” was released I was a bit thrown with crunchy, loud, and full of angst guitar and drums mixed with their soft harmonies and vocals, but the album did not disappoint. Their debut album showcases the strengths that make LINUS YOUNGIRIS BELSON and JOSEPH WALKER compliment and bring out the best in each other’s voices. They’re just fantastic. So many good songs off the album, but I suggest listening to “Sister” and “Cool Trip”. Opposite ends of the musical spectrum, but gives you the sense and vibes of the essence of LINUS YOUNG.

#03: LIMINAL by THE ACID – I really can’t find the right words to explain the sound that is THE ACID, but by god this album is damn good. I guess if you’ve ever taken acid, this album could be soundtrack to your trip. However you think of it, the album is sometimes minimal in sound with vocals that stalk you and sometimes the sound is overwhelming complex. I just love this album.
FAVORITE SONG: “Basic Instinct”

#02: BOXERS by MATTHEW RYAN – Prolific, poetic, passionate, heartbreakingly beautiful, and always hypnotic is how I feel about Matthew’s music and songs. His voice always has a sense of a heavy heart but a heart that is filled with hope and belief that there is something better and bigger on the other side of the song. This album is all of that packaged in 13 songs. It is my favorite album by Matthew since MATTHEW RYAN vs THE SILVER STATE.  It’s absolutely gorgeous. I love it.
FAVORITE SONG: “Then She Threw Me Like a Hand Grenade”

#01: SILENT SO LONG by EMIGRATELoudwire gave their number one rock album of 2014 to this album. I was completely shocked by the choice. Not in a “it didn’t deserve to be #1” but in a “someone else is loving this album besides me” way. EMIGRATE is RAMMSTEIN’s RICHARD KRUSPE other band. I have been patiently waiting for the sophomore follow up to the self titled debut. Richard and company did not disappoint. The album features guest vocals from Franke Delle, Peaches, Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead, Marily Manson, Margaux Bossieux, and Jonathan Davis of Korn. It’s an album that just ninja kicks you in the stomach but leaves you begging for more.