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TOP 10 SONGS OF 2014

I posted my Top 5 Songs over at 16 Clefs last week, but here are my Top 10 songs of 2014 in no particular order.

#01: “I Like You” by SAINT HUGHS – The kick ass Aussie duo of Nick O’Donnell and Drew Fellows (of 26 fame) team up with Holly Borich for a fun, dynamic, and infectious song. I can’t stop listening to it.

#02: “Beach Houses” by LANKS – Another Aussie artist here, LANKS is Will Cuming from Melbourne. I was actually torn between “Beach Houses” and “Brave Man” by LANKS, but ultimately decided that “Beach Houses” resonates with my beach/ocean loving soul. For me, the music captures that light and airy feeling of standing on the beach with the wind and ocean spray surrounding you in a gentle zen like hug.

#03: “Eyeshadow” by NO DEVOTION – From the ashes of LOSTPROPHETS and THURSDAY, rises NO DEVOTION. The remaining members of LOSTPROPHETS teamed up with former front man of THURSDAY, GEOFF RICKLY and the marriage of two is nothing short of amazing retro sounding brilliance. When I first listened to “Eyeshadow” I was completely enthralled. For me, the guitars were U2-esque with the vocals sounding of my DEPECHE MODE, CURE, and LOVE AND ROCKETS. This song just made me unbelievable happy. I am really glad that Jamie, Lee, Mike, Stu, and Luke continued forward with Geoff to make fantastic music.

#04: “Stranger” by MOTHXR – This song is sexy, seductive, and captivating. I am addicted to the sound of this band and am very glad I stumbled onto them. I look forward to hearing more from them.

#05: “Wicked Ones” by DOROTHY – Love, love, love this kick to the face song. It’s just ballsy and kick ass.

#06:  “Forward” by THE MIDNIGHT HOLLOW – I am so glad I stumbled onto this NY band. This song is epically great and they have managed to channel their inner Peter Murphy, Love and Rockets, The Church, and Sisters of Mercy. Spencer Draeger’s vocals chills me. “Are the cards we play where a spade is a spade and you know that we hate cliches like the color jade’s the new black, but she feels fat in a size zero. All the scared obsessed with super heroes, but you sway towards the villain because they’re not afraid of their own vision…”

#07: “Tie Me Down” by JACK SAVORETTI – If whiskey had a voice, it would be that of UK’s Jack Savoretti and his song, “Tie Me Down”. What makes me like this song so much is Jack’s voice and the emotion it brings to the song. The upbeat music betrays the lyrics a tad, but it works because it reminds me of my childhood and sitting in the front yard of grandparents while the church across their driveway was filled with songs and souls being uplifted and the lyric, “when the lows get too heavy, I must teach myself to climb” just sticks with me. A reminder to not give up.

#08: “This is Life” by JAKE EVANS – When I first heard the intro to this song, I thought it could have been a U2 throw away. The guitar is very U2, but it is JAKE EVANS who was songwriter and co-frontman of BAD LIEUTENANT. What I like about this song is that it’s a great little motto for life: “This is life, final call. Soar the highs, take the falls. There’s a million stars above you in the making. Bite your lip, take the trip. Brother please, don’t lose your grip. There’s a million chances out there for the taking. And I look to the heavens and I hear a symphony. There’s no substitute in life for living free…You can live just how you want, but don’t tell me.”

#09: “I Look Fuckin’ Cool” by ADORE DELANO featuring ALASKA THUNDERFUCK
“I Look Fuckin’ Cool” is my absolute favorite song off of Adore’s debut album ‘TIL DEATH DO US PARTY. This gal won me over episode by episode on RuPaul’s Drag Race. The song is just damn catchy and dancey, but Alaska steals the lyrical scene when she sings: “Dirt poor but spirit wealthy. Dead battery from selfies…My hair’s never seen a brush. Smells like jungle juice and rush…”

#10: “Lost Stars” from BEGIN AGAIN – I really adored this movie. It was a glimpse inside the music world. Working in the entertainment industry I have seen and heard things like this happen to the best of the best and to the worst of the worst. It’s not a kind industry, but just like Dan finding that artist that makes him find the spark inside him again, there’s always going to be an artist that turns the industry on it’s head. What I like about this song is the lyrics: “Please don’t see just a girl/boy caught up in dreams and fantasies. Please see me, reaching out for someone I can’t see. Take my hand, let’s see where we wake up tomorrow. Best laid plans sometimes are just a one night stand…” I couldn’t decide on which version I liked better Keira Knightley or Adam Levine’s so I give you both.