I was fortunate enough to interview Bruno Merz for the release of his wonderfully poetic album HIGHWAYS last year and during the course of our interview a gem of wisdom was gifted to the Universe from Bruno. I knew the words were powerful as he spoke them, but over the rest of 2014, the words grew in power and strength for me.

“…Following your joy, finding what it is when you lose your track of time and trying to direct your life so you can do that as much as possible you’ll start enjoying life a lot more and you’ll find that things will fall into place. That’s the secret to happiness and finding who you are, is following your natural instincts of what makes you happy.”

I’d like to say that I absolutely 100% have my shit together and that I have followed my joy and have found it, but if I’m completely honest, I’m just now discovering what makes me happy and what brings me joy.


For me, though writing is a solitude job, it is an environment that I thrive in. I lose track of time and would prefer to sit in hours of hours of solitude writing instead of doing anything with my friends. As 2015 kicks off, I have 2 writing targets: finish the one novel that I call my my Goliath, my Mount Everest. I have been circling back and forth on this novel for ten plus years and though I tell myself every year, this will be my year, I find an excuse or reason for it not to be my year. I know the sacrifices I have to make to make this happen. I don’t necessarily want to publish this novel, but I definitely want to finish it. The second writing goal is to write more for this blog. Write about the lessons of life, the inspiration of the Universe, and hope to inspire and move others who happen to stumble or read this blog regularly because I am not nearly as witty and funny as The Bloggess, but I can put a little positivity out there.

So my joy is writing and I hope that my joy will bring joy to others or at least a little spark of positivity and maybe lead them to following their joy.

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