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REVIEW: World War 3 by Cold Snap

I had the pleasure of getting a sneak listen to COLD SNAP‘s third studio album, WORLD WAR 3 that will be released on Eclipse Records on January 13th and produced by Norwegian metal producer, Tue Madsen.

A little background on COLD SNAP: they’re from Varazdin, Croatia and are blend of metal and rock. You can pick up on their influences that range from DISTURBEDSUICIDE SILENCEKORNRAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, and more and they have already toured with PRO-PAINDEAD BY APRIL, EKTOMORF and played with DISTURBEDSUICIDE SILENCE and more.

When you start listening to WORLD WAR 3, you better be prepared for 12 glorious tracks of rock and metal assault on the ears. There is not one moment where you can take a second to breathe. It is non-stop energy and adrenaline that will get the heart and lungs pumping.

Stand out tracks are:
“Straight to Hell” – a combo of straight up rock with a tinge of metal rap (for lack of better words). It’s a perfect lead track and will surely capture the hearts of previous COLD SNAP fans and make new fans.

“My Emptiness” – probably my favorite track from WORLD WAR 3. It’s a perfect embodiment of what COLD SNAP is as a band.

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Watch COLD SNAP perform “Rise Against” live: