Living Loudly

Absorb What is UsefulReject What is Useless

“Absorb what is useful. Reject what is useless.”
~ Bruce Lee

This quote by Bruce Lee has stuck with me. The moment I read it, I started this post and then lost the thought and perhaps the meaning behind the quote shortly after.

Now, several months later, going through drafts of posts, I landed on this post again.

Why didn’t I ever finish writing it? What stopped me? What lesson did it bring me?

So I asked the Universe: why was this quote brought into my life and what lesson was I missing from it.

The answer: A reminder to cut the bullshit from my life.

I know it’s hard for some people to do that. They have a need to be in the know, in the in, and for me, “in” is so far from my need of inner peace and Universal light and love.

I use to feel that need to be in the know, that need to be in, and would feel that spark of jealousy when I wasn’t and that created nothing but useless energy…spent energy I could have used elsewhere.

As I have gotten older maybe wiser, I want to spend my time with people whose energy is going to lift me up, not bring me down. I want to do things that lift me up, not down.

Being “in” doesn’t necessarily do that, but you know what does, culling people and things from your life that are not useful. It’s an individual, case by case inspection. It’s not easy to realize people, places, things, etc aren’t good for your over all spirit.

The greatest surprises or gifts as I call them are the people, places, things the Universe has shown me while feeding my spirit, soul, heart, mind with good juju. These individuals, these moments, these places, these things I am absorbing and filling myself with the Universal light, love, and magic they bring me.

The useless…it can take a hike!

What’s useful to your soul and spirit and are you absorbing it or rejecting it?