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REVIEW: For the People Inside by The Midnight Hollow

I stumbled onto THE MIDNIGHT HOLLOW on Soundcloud back in December 2014 with their track “FORWARD” and I fell for this band hook, line, and sinker. I immediately bought “FORWARD” and everything they had available on iTunes. Seriously, I cannot stop listening to them. It’s like a drug. As I listened, I would find something new and intriguing about their music. I was pretty stoked when they announced they would be releasing a follow up to their 2014 EP, SELF-TITLED this year. FOR THE PEOPLE INSIDE was released March 31 and it has not been a disappointment. It’s so good,

I immediately wanted to write a review about the EP but forced myself to spend quality time with the EP. Just in case my overzealous adoration for the band could sway my opinion.

It did not. (Okay maybe a little.)

If the word nostalgia needed a sound, a theme song, music to be it’s soundtrack, this song would be it. It starts off dreamy, poetic, and quiet. Your ears transcend to a memory of the past and your soul is happy. This song was a perfect start to the EP. Quietly casting that line into the cool waters of your soul, waiting patiently…

I alway get about half way into “CAT’S GAME” before I realize I am no longer listening to “NOSTALGIA”. The two songs blend together seamlessly. As this song continues along “NOSTALGIA’S” path, it ups the ante so to speak. Upgrading in tempo and energy before returning to the quietness of the first track. Again, two songs that could stand alone or that could essentially be one epically long song. Somehow THE MIDNIGHT HOLLOW made it work. It flows beautifully and before you know it, the song is over.

This might be my favorite track off the EP. I wasn’t sure if the band could top “FORWARD”. To be honest, it just didn’t seem possible. I’ve been fooled more than once by falling in love with a song or two by a band and then upon listening to the EP or album from the band that left me gutted and sad. Hot damn, this song. I could put it on repeat (just like “FORWARD” and “WALLS”) and find something new about it every time. I really dig the drums in this song. Without sounding too cheesy, they’re just groovy. You can’t help but find yourself bobbing along to them. (Throw on your favorite headphones and listen to this track at 11 without outside noise. You won’t regret it.) I personally love the vocals of SPENCER DRAEGER in this song. I will always state that it’s as if he was the vocal love child of STEVE KILBY (THE CHURCH), DANIEL ASH (LOVE AND ROCKETS), ANDREW ELDRITCH (SISTERS OF MERCY), PETER MURPHY (BAUHAUS) and DAVID BOWIE. His voice gives me chills.

If “EASY VILLAGE” doesn’t make you want to get up and groove. This song will. There’s something 80’s retro about this song in energy without it being an 80’s retro song in sound. I don’t know if that makes any sense to anyone but me, but that is the best way to describe how this song makes me think. Retro without being retro.  And this lyric: “Sometimes I get defensive when I believe in something or someone…” We have all felt this and done this. When THE MIDNIGHT HOLLOW released this song, it solidified their talent for me. (read a review on 16Clefs.com)

I’m not going to lie, I’m disappointed by the length of this track. Just as I’m falling in love with the drums and bass in this song, it ends. It’s too short. I want more.

This is the song that made a me a fan (read a review on 16Clefs.com). I couldn’t write anything negative about this song if I tried. It would all be lies. This song is so good, fashion designer TODD SNYDER not only named his 2015 Collection for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York “FORWARD” but also featured the song in his show. Once again, Spencer’s vocals shine on this track and he honestly could make any one (male, female, or space alien) over the age of 21 swoon like they were a prepubescent One Direction fan. What I still love about this song is I am still finding bits and pieces of the song that I haven’t heard before. Like Spencer says, “But you never see it grow, like the mold in the walls…” And the more you listen, the more you discover.