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Songs of My Life: May 2015

May is a month I am happy to see come to an end. Nothing spectacular happen and nothing horrible happen, but it was a moth that just tested my resolve. I managed to get through the month and these songs helped me along the way.

“Angels Fall” by Breaking Benjamin
“I can’t give up, I can’t give in. When all is lost and daylight ends, I’ll carry you and we will live forever…” So glad to see BB back in the music world touring and on the radio. Have always dug these guys.

“Stars” by Michael Tolcher
“I’m waiting to for the stars to line up and the moon to light the way…I watching while the stars shine down and shoot across the sky. I’m wishing on that light at night…I ain’t got it figured out, but I can ask the question…” These lyrics describe how the dreamer who’s a star gazer feels when I look up at the night sky. Always wishing on the brightest star and always on the search of that falling one. I don’t have a lot of my life figured out. I don’t have to as long as continue to ask questions that better me.

“Better Now” by Collective Soul
This song was gifted to me courtesy of my friend, Jonathan, as we discussed taking leaps and changing one’s life. He said, “I admire your guts. Your leap is huge. I think we all need recalibration from time to time (actually reminds me of a song by Collective Soul).” I listened to the song and the lyrics clicked: “I’m newly calibrated. All shiny and clean. I’m your recent adaptation. Time to redefine me…Time to celebrate me…”

“Geronimo” by RuPaul
You have got to be living under a rock if you know me and don’t know that I love drag queens and the mother of them all RuPaul is a wise inspiration sending out her own Universal Light Love and Magic. For the moments or people that got me down in May, I played this song. “And they be slain-i slay these bitches double dutch. And they be slain-i slay these bitches so wassup…But I don’t care, I don’t pay them no mind. Cause I got ish to do and I ain’t got time.”

“Biscuit” by Ivy Levan
I’d like to thank my dearest Ronnie for this song. He is always sending me new music and this song is the song I’ve been playing when I just want to have fun or say “f” you to the world. The song is fun and the video is too and damn, Ivy’s got some legs. I”m pretty sure her leg is the height of me. “Don’t fuck with the master plan. Can’t say I didn’t warn ya. I think you might have missed it. I think you got it twisted…”

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