Exist Loudly

The Old Days

I have a group of friends, aka THE BAND, and I miss them. I miss them A LOT. Through ups and downs, the drunken fights and drunken nights and the good significant others and bad significant others we have always remained friends. They will always be my baby bros or sis’ or baby bears (depending on the succession of where you landed in my life).

We all use to spend every weekend together, partying like rockstars or pretending to be rockstars. We have seen many a craptastic band and many fabulous bands. We have drank more than we should on any given night and have done more stupid things on a Tuesday night than most do in their lifetime.

I am so fortunate that my “red string of fate” is tied to theirs. I am so fortunate that the Universe gifted me not only their friendships but turned them into family for me because they truly fit the definition of family. A little crazy but goddamnit they’re just lovable.

Most of THE BAND is married now and having kids or have had kids. I, the “Big Sis” or “Mama Bear”, am still single and living my dream.

I was able to share with a few of THE BAND that I am going to Australia. It felt so good to be able to share my secret because not too many people know. It also made me realize that my time is limited here in the States. As one of THE BAND counts down the day to fatherhood, I am counting down the days to becoming an expatriate (or the hopes of becoming an expat).

I may miss the old days but it’s because our lives are heading/have headed in different directions. Despite the directions and destinies of our lives, we will always be tied together by the moments we have shared.

Our “red strings of fate” though stretched will always be entwined and I am grateful.

Universal Light, Love, and Magic