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Happy Birthday Mama

Happy Birthday Mama. You would have been 67 years awesome today. It seems just like yesterday you were telling me “good night baby” over the phone but the reality is that it will be 6 years in December that you’ve been gone. Six years. I looked at some photographs of you last night and I started to wonder if I am living a life you would be proud of. If I was pursuing my dreams of living in Australia hard enough.

You moved from everything that you knew in Thailand to the US to be with the love of your life. I simply want to move to Australia to be in a country I love. Not quite the same, but I guess I get that bit of courage to leave everything behind from you.

I hope I’m making you proud Mama. I feel in my heart I am. I’m living closer to the edge and I know you’re watching over me and that if I stumble that you’ll make sure I am still on the edge.

I wish you were here to celebrate your birthday, but I know wherever you are above me, you are celebrating. I love you. I miss you. Happy Birthday.

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