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Forget Where You Come From, Learn to Live

First, EP review of STOKESWOOD “2075” coming this weekend.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, after a pretty shit-tastic day…well, it was a good day, until like the last 30 minutes of work. I should say, I’m getting use to the shittiness, but I have this fucked up and sadistic twist of hope that people aren’t really crap-tastic as they appear to be.

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt.

I see the crap. I see the crappiness. I see the crap-tastic. AND I KNOW IT’S NOT GOING TO CHANGE, NOR IS THE PERSON.

But hey, let’s see the good in people.

I’m a moron. I get it. I don’t know why I can’t break this cycle and maybe by writing this, I will.

“Forget” by STOKESWOOD kind of was my punch in the nether regions I needed today. I’m not joking. Listening to these lyrics made me cry…(okay, some of it was pent up frustration and shaking my fist at The Universe)

“You try to shed the light on all this information…but you’re wasting all your time. You’re wilting in your prime and you just don’t seem to mind…Forget where you come, learn to live. Forget where you come from, live again…”

Well, to be honest…

I fucking mind. I fucking mind a lot. There comes a time, a point, a something where I just have to put up the wall, the bubble, the attitude, and say “fuck right off”. The spirit can only take so much before it goes postal and stabs everyone with unsharpened pencils and dull letter openers.

I don’t want to wilt in my prime. I want to learn to live and to live again. I want to live loudly.

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