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REVIEW: 2075 by Stokeswood

You might be asking, who is Stokeswood?

The honest answer is this: Stokeswood is from Atlanta, GA and is part alternative rock and part electro-pop. The crazy kids that make up Stokeswood are Adam Patterson (vocals), Mark Godwin (lead guitar), Michael Roman (keys), Jon Joiner (drums), and Justin Mullinix (bass and live production).

If you asked me who is Stokeswood, my answer would be this: Stokeswood is a band you need to see live and have them in heavy rotation in your music contraption of choice. They make feel good music and in this time and age, we could use a lot more feel good and less of all that negative energy out there.

I fell for Stokeswood hook, line, and sinker on The Rock Boat in 2013 and once drove 11 hours from the frozen tundra of Detroit to my home state of NC to see them.

So yeah, they kind of rock and I’m a big fan!

Having said that, I wanted to spend quality time with 2075 because as a fan of theirs, I am biased towards them. I knew I would like the EP just as I like their albums Carassia and In the Field of Vibrations, but what I didn’t realize is that I would love this EP. I would totally marry this EP it makes me so happy. Since the release, I probably have listened to the EP once a day or more. I take it on runs. I listen to in the car. I jam out with it at work on repeat. This EP is has become my happy dose when I need something to shake off the bad juju of the world.

My only critique of 2075 is that it is only 7 songs.

By the time the EP ends, I’m still ready to dance and jump around like a child on a trampoline. I’m slightly winded and sweating from the energetic body moving rhythms they have thrown at me, but I’m not quite ready to stop dancing.

The title track “2075” is a perfect introduction for the EP and to people who have never heard of Stokeswood. It could be the soundtrack for the year 2075 and set the mood for that year: upbeat, electric, and fun. Yes, this song is the song that will make anyone fall for Stokeswood and have everyone asking “where have they been all my life?”

The second song an any EP or album can make or break the listeners experience. A band hopes they pick the right track and Stokeswood nails it. Instead of riding the momentum coattails of “2075”, “Our Streets” says “outta the way” and ninja kicks you in the face. You can still shake your bum to it, but you’ll find yourself singing the chorus loudly and proudly. As Adam sings in the opening chorus, “I’ve never ever been a fighter and even if I tried, I’d concede…” We can all connect to that and that emotion runs strong through out the song.

Perhaps my favorite track on the EP, “Forget” is the song that I had a soul connection too. After dancing your butt off for two tracks, you kind of need a moment to gather your wits and breath and this song is that moment. Don’t think this song is slow because it is far from it. It is however, an absolutely stunning piece of advice on how to live: “…Forget where you come, learn to live. Forget where you come from, live again…”

When “Current” starts out, one thinks “another moment to breathe”, but boy is that wrong! 35 seconds in and that movement bug has bitten you and you’re thrashing about like fish out of water. I love the lyrics and message of this song.

If “Paperweight” equals dance party then “Bloody History” is the epic dance rave to end all dance raves.

“Bloody History” will be the song that plays as Armageddon comes or when the earth implodes or explodes on herself. This song is what all those dj’s spinning in nightclubs across the lands want to capture. This song is E-P-I-C and this song live is absolutely exhausting on your lungs. (Trust me, I have danced to this song more than once.)

Sadly, “Stop By” is the last track. Sad only because it’s the last track. “Stop By” manages to capture the energy and vibrations of each previous 6 songs into one. If this were the last song on Side A of a cassette, you’re flipping to Side B to continue the aural pleasures that have been bombarding your ears. (Or if you’re like me, you just put 2075 on repeat and let the aural pleasures continue until you’re too damn exhausted to move.)

Out of 5 stars, I give 2075, 5 sweat inducing and booty shaking stars.
Favorite track: “Forget”
Favorite track to shake my booty to: “Bloody History”

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