Own Everything That Happened

When I saw the quote to the below, I thought, damn right.

We all know that one (or several people) who are just GIANT DOUCHE NOZZLES and you refrain from calling them out or you’re just nice because your mama and daddy raised you to treat people with respect and kindness no matter what.

Quote by Anne Lamott :: Source

I’m not saying I’m going to start calling people out by names because that would make me a giant douche nozzle, but I’m definitely not going to bury my thoughts, opinions, and feelings in the sand anymore. It’s not healthy to carry that burden.

So if you have been a dick to me: past, present, or future just know you should have behaved better because I am owning everything that happened to me and that happens to me.

I am learning to live again and am no longer wilting in my prime.