The Hot Detox Review

I discovered Julie Daniluk while doing the “100 Day Evolution” by John Edward. Curious to learn more, I popped on over to her website and hung out for a bit and found The Hot Detox/3 Day Cleanse and thought, why not. I’ve been wanting to reset my diet (and I mean the food I consume) for a while. I haven’t been completely happy as vegetarian nor am I happy as meat eater. So I figured I this would at least help get me thinking about what I really wanted my diet to be and to include.

I planned a 3 day weekend where I knew I couldn’t be thwarted by outside forces or peer pressure. I also made everything for the 3 days so I wouldn’t throw the “too lazy to make anything” excuse around and also made enough quinoa for the warming porridge in advance as well. The only things I did make daily were the smoothies since those either required a juicer or had avocado in them.

DAY 1:
Detox Tea: Lemon Cleanse
-There are options to choose from, I chose this one because all the ingredients could be found at my local grocery store. I had this around 8 am and because it was a Saturday, fell back asleep.
Breakfast: Warming Quinoa Porridge
-There are options, again, made this since these ingredients were easier to find at my local grocery store. I had this around 9/9:30 am
Mid Morning Detox Tea: Hot Ginger Lemonade/Tea
-There are options, again, ingredients were easier to find at my local grocery store. Easy to make. I may have made it a little too tart with a little too much ginger, but damn, it’s how I’m going to make this from now on. I had this around 11.
Lunch: n/a 😦
– I didn’t have lunch. I had to be somewhere from 12:30-5 and I wasn’t hungry before I left. If you know me, I’m thinking about lunch after about 5 seconds of finishing my breakfast. While at the event I had already planned to attend, I didn’t once feel “starving”.
Afternoon Snack: Key Lime Pie Shake
-I was occupied with the 12:30-5 event so I had this with my dinner.
Pre-Dinner:Hot Ginger Lemonade/Tea
-Again, you have choices, I’m kind of addicted to this tea already.
Dinner: Butternut Squash Soup (1 bowl) and Digestive Detox Kichadi
-Technically, the butternut squash soup should have been lunch, but again, I was busy and in a place where I couldn’t eat. I added the Kichadi since I had “skipped” lunch and didn’t want any late night cravings to kick in.

I had never heard of kichadi before this and was even unsure of it when I was making it, but this has been my absolute favorite dish. I can eat this every day and will be making it again after the detox is over. When someone says cleanse/detox, you automatically think starvation and hungry, but if Day 1 is any indication of the next 2 days, starvation and hunger aren’t on the menu. I felt satisfied all day and I also drank plenty of water. I did have a headache all day, but in all fairness, I cannot blame that on the day as the headache had been with me on all day and night on Friday and was still lingering on.

DAY 2:
Detox Tea: Lemon Cleanse
Breakfast: Warming Quinoa Porridge
Mid Morning Detox Tea: Hot Ginger Lemonade/Tea
Lunch: Ginger Green Soup
Afternoon Snack: Carrot Juice
Pre-Dinner:Hot Ginger Lemonade/Tea
Dinner: Kichadi with avocado that was left over from Ginger Green Soup.

I was hungrier today than yesterday. Not to the point of headache and the shakes, but by 2pm I had already knocked out the afternoon snack and 3pm I had the pre-dinner tea. By 8, I kind of felt like I was getting the hunger shakes. Most of it was mind over matter. Sundays are my cheat, fatkid, eat crap food day. So my mind was like WTF?

DAY 3:
Detox Tea: Lemon Cleanse
Breakfast: Warming Quinoa Porridge
Mid Morning Detox Tea: Hot Ginger Lemonade/Tea
Lunch: Butternut Squash Soup
Afternoon Snack: Hot Ginger Lemonade
Pre-Dinner: n/a
Dinner: Kichadi (seriously, I love this)

Honestly, I just wanted something sweet today. I didn’t need something decadent, but something a tad bit sweeter than blueberries or apples.

Overall, I liked this detox. It forced me to give ginger and tumeric a try and I’ve learned I like these flavors. I also fell in love with kichadi and will be making again. My least favorite soup was the spinach soup and the broccoli. I made both but they didn’t dance on my tongue like the others did. It was easy to follow, I wasn’t starving, and it was food, not just water and juice.

Have I decided if I want to be a strict vegetarian again or a meat eater again? No. I know I feel better on a vegetarian diet, but I’m not giving up bacon again either and every now and then, I just want a nice steak…

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