Exist Loudly

Dead Living

“I can’t take it. It’s just a paycheck. I can’t fake it, when nothing’s sacred. It just started.
I can’t take one more day. I can’t bend, this must end, counting back from 3, 2, 1…”
~”Dead Living” by Sugarcult

They say “we are born to die”. We are not Benjamin Button. Most of us get up, go to work, do what we need to do to survive and repeat. Life’s simple instructions that we inherit from our parents who inherited it from their parents who inherited from theirs and so forth and so on. It’s a bad case of “history bears repeating.

When do we break the unfortunate chain that has been locked around our ankles and say, “NO MORE?!”

Most do it at that mid life crisis point, some do it right out of college, some do it right before their death beds, and some just do it right when the “getting is good”.

Me…I think I noticed the need to break the chain back in January 2012, and as courageous and bad ass as I thought I was then, I let the dead life I was living stay the course. It wasn’t broke. It didn’t need fixing. There was this dream of Australia within eye sight, I was happy to quietly and slowly work towards that goal. Hearing this song this month, confirmed for me that I needed to stop “making arrangements to burn it to the ground” and to strike the fucking match and let the fucker burn.

I don’t want to passively live my life anymore and this song reminded me of that. Reminded me of the steps I have taken to get where I am at this very moment and reminded me of the steps I am taking in a few months. It reminded me that I made a decision to live actively in my life and in pursuit of my dreams.

As Tim sings in the song, “no one gets out alive…”

That is the truth. We don’t get out alive, but we can actually live our life by living it loudly instead of just watching it pass us by…

Feature image “Skin” courtesy and copyright Free Range Stock and Geoffrey Whiteway.