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WATCH: “Adriatic” by Saint Hughs

If you haven’t watched “FIN” from SAINT HUGHS, go watch it now.

Nick and Drew aka SAINT HUGHS follow up the visual video for “FIN” with their installment of “ADRIATIC” from their “LOVE AND LUST” EP (available now). If you’re expecting smokey inks in water, you’re not getting it in this video. What you will be getting is a lot of beautiful water landscapes and serene moments. It fits the song beautifully.

“I stand by the roadside with my heart on the outside. I’m so desperate that you try … I wanna love you…”

How perfect is that above lyric to the below screenshot from “ADRIATIC”(I could go on how stunning this visual video is, but just watch and listen and discover the beauty for yourself.)

Saint Hughs Adriatic

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