Exist Loudly

La Vie Dansante

I could probably blame Jimmy Buffett for my wanderlust and introducing me to the Aboriginal songlines, but I can only thank him. His music has been a friend, a comfort, and inspiration for me. If he hadn’t taught me the meaning of songlines or dreaming tracks, I would have eventually discovered them on my own.

This past weekend, I added 2 more permanent reminders from Jimmy Buffett on my skin. His song “La Vie Dansante” has always reminded me the kind of life I want…The Dancing Life: “That’s why I wander and follow La Vie Dansante on the night wind that takes me just where I want. That’s all I want, La Vie Dansante…”

I have always wanted to live a life that makes a difference and inspires others to live and chase their dreams. In my pursuit to live and inspire, I sometimes forget to live and inspire myself or find things that inspire me. This weekend, I was reminded that I’ll be all right and the Universe is with me and so is my family in permanent reminder.

I already have a tattoo for my mom that incorporates a pre-existing tattoo that I had for her and my dad. I always tell my nieces that my bass clef tattoo on my wrist is my musical note of good luck because it is a reminder of where I am from, Clover, SC (it is 8 bass clefs shaped into hearts which are shaped into a clover), but now I have a tattoo for each of my family. My sister and I are both Scorpios and love the ocean so we got matching tattoos of anchors/Scorpio symbol that was designed by Travis Lakemen at Fu’s Custom Tattoos. I also got they lyric “la vie dansante” and the translation “the dancing life” tattooed on me. They’re written by nieces at their current ages 16 and 6. They’re a piece of who they are now and how much they mean to me. No matter where I am, they are with me in my heart, my soul, my thoughts, and now, on me. They’re a reminder to live, inspire, and pursue LA VIE DANSANTE

I hope the sister tattoo inspires my nieces to hold their sisterhood bond close and that maybe one day, they will get their own Taurus Sister tattoos and that they will share their experience with each other just like their mom did with me.


Top: Brenda. Bottom: Me


Top: Riley Bottom: Taylor