Music for the Soul

#40: “Moments”

As I was gathering songs for my 40 at 40, I wasn’t sure what direction I was heading or where I was going to go with the music. 40 favorites or 40 of my favorite Jimmy Buffett songs or 40 songs that I thought were me, but in the end, I just listened and let my soul connect to the Universe. The songs that are on this list are 40 songs that either saved me, encouraged me, inspired me, or helped me through the ups and downs of my life. A lot of the songs are from a certain time in my life where the darkness seemed darker and the only light was a lyric to keep me tethered to safety, but all are a part of my soul and all healed me along the way.

So to kick of 40 at 40, here is #40.

SONG: “Moments”
ARTIST: Emerson Drive

I had heard this song on the radio a few times when it had come out, but it wasn’t until I saw Emerson Drive perform the song acoustic for a few lucky listeners that I really listened to the song. I always like to see live music so I took a break that day and hung out with co-workers and such listening to the band perform. Thank goodness I was lingering at the back of the crowd when they played this song. The lyrics hit like a freight train going 101 miles per hour. A giant lump formed in my throat and I couldn’t swallow or make the tears creeping in my eyes go away. This song has stuck with me since that day. It never fails to bring tears to my eyes. NEVER FAILS. For me, the song was a perfect way to kick off 40 at 40 because I have been on the metaphoric bridge and was able to walk away.