Music for the Soul

#39: “More”

SONG: “More”
ARITST: J Englishman

It’s funny I how I thought this song was much older than it was, but J. Englishman‘s album “POOR LIL’ ROCK STAR” came out in 2000 and featured this song. I was 24 for most of that year, turning 25 in Nov. My niece, Riley, would have turned 1 in May of that year and I was working at Bath and Body Works as a store manager that year. Normally, I can pinpoint or remember the moment I connect with a song and I cannot do it with this song. I just know that I have always connected with the lyrics: “Give me passion give me feeling. Give me something to believe in. Give me passion over feeling. Give me reasons to keep breathing…”  Maybe it was because 25 seemed such a milestone of a birthday and I felt I should have had my life more together. I was suppose to have a NY Times Best Selling Novel that year (15 years later, I still don’t). Whatever reason the Universe gifted me this song, it has stuck with me even now. This song has always reminded me that there is always something more out there and that we should never settle for just one thing…