Music for the Soul

#32: “Platinum”

SONG: “Platinum”

I played the shit out of Orgy’s debut album CANDYASS and when I say played the shit out of it, my boyfriend at the time threatened to destroy the CD if he had to listen to one more time (he didn’t destroy but I also had 2 copies of it too). I have a very distinct memory of being in my tiny little Ford with him and his friend and him confessing his pure hatred of the album and the band. Andy and I would go our separate ways about a year or so later (not because of the band though). My other memory of the band was seeing them with Love and Rockets at The Tabernacle in March of 1999 with my best friend Kathy.

I listened to the album while working on this post and the 40 at 40 list and I regressed to my 23 year old self almost immediately. Music has always been a part of my life, but that year it seemed to be a bigger part of my life than normal. I had a lot of music/lyrics that were expressing feelings I didn’t know how to express or validate what I was feeling. “PLATINUM” did that for me. Andy never understand my depression or why I was depressed, but this song understood me.

“You can’t escape what makes you tragic you know. Vicious cause you want to be. Leaving time possessed to please you. What might have been was never the way you envisioned things. So difficult to stop pretending…Hold back your virtues, you’re fearless in motion…”