Music for the Soul

#26: “Sister”

SONG: “Sister”
ARTIST: Linus Young

This song was at a tie with “Sister” by The Nixons for #26. I wanted to include a song for my little sister, Brenda. She’s such an inspiration to me. I settled on this song because when I first heard, “Hey my sister, play me something good for my soul…” I immediately thought of her. We have had our ups and downs as sisters and though our downs were knock down drag out I fucking hate you and the air you breathe moments when we were younger, that’s all they were, moments. We have always been very fortunate to be close. Would I like to be closer, absolutely. Brenda Sue or as my mom called her, Brenda Soup, is my baby sister. I also think we keep each other at a distance because we don’t want to hurt the other. We’re nuts that way and true #ScorpioSisters. No matter the time, distance, or space between us, I will always be there for her as a big sister. She knows I’ve got her back no matter what and this song reminds me of all of our good times, laughter, and staring at the stars on the beach.