Music for the Soul

#23: “Time Will Heal Me”

SONG: “Time Will Heal Me”
ARTIST: Everything

Some of you may remember the band Everything and their song “Hooch” and most of you are probably asking “WHO?” What you need to know was that I was obsessed with this band. OBSESSED. If they played in a 3 state radius, I drove to see them. 6 hours to DC to see the band. No problem. Leave work early. Watch the show, turn around and drive home. Luckily, I was able to see the band in my home state more than once. They were so good live. Fun. Funky. Fabulous. Their album SUPER NATURAL was one of my favorite albums to go to when I needed to be in a good mood. Actually any of their albums were instantaneously good mood albums. This song was my reminder that even though I didn’t know what depression was or understand it at the time I battled it, that I would heal and survive over time.