Music for the Soul

#18: “Easy Come Easy Go”

SONG: “Easy Come Easy Go:
ARTIST: Winger

Well, if The Four Horsemen was gritty, then Winger was definitely polished. I wasn’t one of those teenage girls that thought Kip Winger was the sexiest thing ever. He reminded me of the Beast in the TV show Beauty and the Beast and I think I might have been the only teen girl that didn’t swoon over that show either but I do love, love, love this song. I don’t sing it quietly. I sing it at the top of my lungs. My mom always had this saying that she said to me in Thai whenever I got hurt and it translated to: “a long way from your heart”. It of course sounded a lot cooler and hipper when she said it in Thai but what it meant was that whatever pain I was currently feeling was a long way from hurting my heart. When people asked me how I had the “strength” I had when my mom passed away, I would say, she always said, “a long way from your heart.” Yes, my mom dying was sad and it hurt, but it did not break my heart into a 1001 unfixable pieces. Like my Mom’s saying, this song is that saying…“Easy come, easy go. This won’t break my heart don’t you know…” This song is my constant reminder that no matter what happens in life, I will be able to go on and survive even if I think I can’t.