Music for the Soul

#17: “So Far So Good”

SONG: “So Far So Good”
ARTIST: Thornley

If you are/were a Big Wreck fan, you know Thornley. Big Wreck’s “That Song” and “The Oaf” are two iconic “alternative rock” songs in my mind and I’ll argue with anyone who disagrees. (For those who have no clue on either band. Ian Thornley is the frontman of both.) This post isn’t about Big Wreck though, it’s about Thornley and their insanely inspiring and rocking tune, “So Far So Good.” This song was my (and probably still is) my theme song. We always compare ourselves to other and think “well that person just seems to have their life together”. Someone said that to me once and I laughed. My life is far from together and this song is what I would say to anyone: “so far so good, cuz no one knows I’m faking. I wish I could show the toll it’s taking…” This song ranks up there with the adage, “fake it ’til you make it.”