Exist Loudly

All Things Possible

I saw these words “ALL THINGS POSSIBLE” on a banner in Portland, Maine and it was as if the Universe was letting me know that it was with me. I was in town for a 3-day weekend to see one my greatest friends get married to his love. (Go #TeamOBerkowitz) It was also a reunion of chosen family as well, aka The Gin Mill family. Tim or Timmy as we call him introduced me to The Gin Mill. Timmy & I became fast friends and solidified our friendship on sarcasm, trivia, and drinking. I really have him to thank for my chosen family as he is also part of it.

While talking to Amy over the weekend, she made a statement (not verbatim) “He lost my number and spent a month trying to get it again. How did he know it was going to be worth anything?” and all I could hear in my head is, “the soul knows what the soul knows”. As the Charlotte family shared stories of #TeamOBerkowitz with their Chicago family, we often told them that if you knew Timmy before Amy, it seemed impossible for any of us to be standing where we were at that moment celebrating their love for each other but “ALL THINGS POSSIBLE”.

The weekend in Portland with chosen family was a much needed weekend. A weekend with loved ones supporting loved ones. We are friends/family brought together by The Universe for a reason. Our red strings of fate were destined for each other and to support each other. To encourage one another to chase dreams no matter what. To stand by and celebrate life with each other and to celebrate each other.

Portland, made me realize that having the above is vital to making “ALL THINGS POSSIBLE”, as without it, things seems quite impossible. It also made me very grateful to have these “Goonies” with me in my journey of life.


The fellas L to R: Brandon, Timmy, Oz, Steve, Chris The ladies L to R: me, Amy, Shelley, Suzanne