Music for the Soul

#13: “Follow the Leader”

SONG: “Follow the Leader”
ARTIST: Matthew Ryan

If you know me, you know I love the music of Matthew Ryan. I cannot express what talent this man possesses. It is insane how brilliant of a writer he is and how wonderful of an artist he is. His music is absolute works of art without a canvas to be seen. A few months after I discovered this insane talent exisited, I found out he was going at The Evening Muse. A bunch of us were suppose to go see him but of course all my slack ass friends bailed hours and minutes before the show. I was beyond pissed at them all, but I wasn’t going to let the chance to see Matthew perform slide by. I didn’t know if I would get the chance to ever see him again. Boy, am I glad I went. There were only a handful of people there to see him which made me feel bad, but I’m so glad it was just a handful of people. The intimacy of the show plus the heartfelt lyrics and voice of Matthew made the show one of my Top 10 shows I’ve ever seen. He stepped away from the mic, into the small crowd, and up to the bar to sing “Follow the Leader” and my heart was filled with emotions it had never felt before. These lyrics: “We’re in the solar system, together and alone…You can follow your gut or you can follow the past, but if you knew an eclipse was coming, why’d you even ask…” inspired me that night and inspire me to this day to follow my gut.

As for the video, there isn’t an official video, but I did stumble upon a Doctor Who fan video that someone put together for the song. As a Doctor Who fan and a Matthew Ryan fan, this video is a good fit for the wonderfully poetic song.