Music for the Soul

#11: “Stardust Universe”

SONG: “Stardust Universe”
ARTIST: Jakob Dylan

As a lover of the night sky and astronomy, my inner stargazing geek loves this song just for the connection to the Universe. As an aunt to two nieces, my inner motivator wants them to know that we are bigger than the human bodies we are tethered too. This song conveys the vastness of our souls and my belief that we are created from stardust. My oldest niece gets my oneness with the Universe. She connects to it in own way that I am so proud of and is such a wise old soul at 16. My youngest niece is that booming and bright star that just lit a fire in the Universe. I’m very fortunate to have connected with them on spiritual level of sharing the wonders of the Universe. They are both night watchers and if I can only leave them with one life lesson, then it would be this: “This is the part where you will dig your heels in…We were born to stumble and to learn in a stardust covered Universe. We demand the impossible and tomorrow is earned…”