Music for the Soul

#08: “A New Beginning”

SONG: “A New Beginning”

I stumbled onto this Aussie band via Twitter. A writer I follow tweeted a link to the song/video and I gave it a listen. Hooked. Insta-fan. Bought every album on iTunes that night. What I connected to the first time were these lyrics: “Take flight satellite and drift into space. We’re all on a flight. We’re all a little insane…I’d like to say I’m sorry. I’d like to say I’m wrong. I wish I could control myself and feel like I belong…” Part of this song connected to hippy, stargazing, Universe self and another part connected to scared human who says she doesn’t mind change but is scared shitless somewhere inside when it comes to change. Today, I know that change is good and that a closing door opens new doors. This song is my reminder for that. A new beginning takes courage and strength. Sometimes a bit of insanity too. Don’t apologize and don’t think you’re wrong. It’s your life. You have to live it. No one else has to get that.