Music for the Soul

#06: “Comfortable in My Skin”

SONG: “Comfortable in My Skin”
ARTIST: Xavier Rudd

When I turned 39 last year, I wrote:  I’ll continue to be who am without any regard to the number that’s branded on me. As I stand a few days away from turning that Big 4-0, I am even more comfortable in my skin.

By the time this posts to the good ol’ interwebs, I will be on a plane to Australia. Could I have quit my job and packed everything into one bag a year or two ago? No. I wasn’t ready nor was I even sure of who I was. Being comfortable in my skin has given courage I did not know I possessed. Yes, I’m scared to death about failing in Australia, but I’m even more scared of not trying. As scary as this Aussie Adventure is, it is more exciting than anything. There is a fine line between fear and excitement and if you don’t know who you are as a person, you’ll always assume it’s fear. This song is my reminder to who I am. “A woman few days shy of being 40 who doesn’t give up on her dreams.”