Music for the Soul

#02: “Big Western Sky”

SONG: “Big Western Sky”
ARTIST: Kik Tracee

Going back to the “Music is My God My Best Friend” post again…I wrote: I also read a post from my friend Rob entitled “Hope is Everything” this week. I was so moved by his post. He wrote of suicide and I sat thinking about how his former band’s song “Big Western Sky” was my song of hope. It was a constant reminder to find that little something to hold on too. I don’t even know if he knows about this even after all these years. That song also saved my life.

This past August, I was sitting at the beach with my sister, Brenda, and brother in law, Bud and since all three of us are music junkies we were naturally talking about music. Bud asked me what my favorite song of all time was and I told him, “If I didn’t know “A Pirate Looks at Forty” existed, then “Big Western Sky” would be my favorite song.” I told them both how this song saved my life and that even now, they lyrics are how I live my life. I doubt that when Rob and the band wrote “Big Western Sky” they would think of it as a guide, but for me it is mine…keep my head up and look towards the sky. This song is and forever will be part of my soul, heart, mind, and spirit.

Rob, I thank you and your music for being there for me. I’m honored to call you a friend and am constantly inspired by the art and music you gift the Universe.