Music for the Soul

Songs of My Life: June 2016

There was no rhyme or reason to the music of June. As much as I’ve looked for a theme, I could not find one and that’s quite okay by me. I like the months where there is no specific message just music that touches various parts of my souls.

“Drive and Reflex” by The Models
This gem comes to via Nick. God damn what at an infectious song. I want to get in a car, hit the dark highway, and watch the headlights bounce in the darkness. I’ve had this song on repeat all month. If David Lynch wasn’t a moody director, I feel this could have been in his movie Lost Highway, but it’s too upbeat for the movie.

“Above the Clouds of Pompeii” by Bear’s Den
My dear friend Krissie, turned me onto this song via her 2016 Summer Mix. When these song lyrics hit, it instantly made me think of my mom. I took it as a message from her on the other side. “Don’t cry. Hold your head up high. She would want you to…There’s just some things I have to say. Don’t you know I miss her, too. I miss her just as much as you.”

“Normal” by Machinations
Another song courtesy of Nick. He suggested I check out the band and I’m glad for the suggestion because I found this fun little song that asks a most wonderful question: “What good is being normal?” Just be your authentic weird awesome self I say!

“Love and Luck” by Jimmy Buffett
Sage words from one of my go-to-when-I-need-a-positive-message-in-my-life…as Jimmy sings: “Better days are in the cards I feel it in the changin’ wind…So talk to me I’ll listen to your story. I’ve been around enough to know that there’s more than meets the eye. Everybody needs a little good luck charm. A little gris gris keeps you safe from harm…With a little love and luck, you will get by…” That’s the reality. Love and luck will get you by even if you don’t believe in anything else.

“Xanax and Wine” by U2
This is a B-side from HOW TO DISMANTLE AN ATOMIC BOMB and is easily one of my Top 10 U2 songs and that’s how it ended up on the June list. Besides, I dig these lyrics: “All I want is a picture of you. All I want is to get right next to you. All I want is your picture in a locket. Your face in my pocket…”

“Follow the Lights” by Ryan Adams
These lyrics are why this song is on the June list: “‘Cause there was never anywhere to go. There was never anywhere to go but home…” For any moment I questioned if leaving the US behind to chase my AUS dream, those lyrics where my swift kick in the ass reminder that there was never any other option other than to do just that.

“Your Name No More” by Piers Facing
I really dig the bass line in this song. It was the first reason I started listening to Piers. Not really sure how it came to be on the June list, but it’s a pretty simplistic and fab song.

“Noticed” by MuteMath
This is my favorite song by the guys in MuteMath and I’m glad iTunes on shuffle threw this at me this month. These lyrics are something I understand a lot lately. “Careful when you open, it’s easy to be broken. In the strangest fashion you start a chain reaction, when you look my way, something’s pounding away and I wonder if I ever felt this before and all this time oblivious to what you made so obvious. I can’t believe I never noticed my heart before…You and your ways capture what I’ve misplaced in the perfect fashion; just watch my heart’s reaction. This point of view is nothing that I’m used to but I won’t close my eyes, ’cause they’re onto you and all this time it was staring me blind…”

“My Baby’s Tellin’ Lies” by Keb’ Mo’
Like Piers’ song, not sure how Keb’ ended up on the list but it’s such a good song and the video is a great version of the song he did with Daryl Hall.