Faith in Humanity

There’s not a lot of reporting via media outlets of nice things or inspiring things. Most is murder, kill, torture, rap, bomb, overdose, beheadment, etc. Just today as I checked into CNN.com for election news, a headline read “A British banker’s decent into depravity”. Of course I clicked on it. We’re all trained to do so. I was shocked and disgusted and stopped reading because it bothered me that just minutes earlier, I was thinking to myself how today restored my faith in humanity and here I am reading someone doing such inhuman things.

So this is what that’s post is about. Faith in humanity.

A young boy, about 10 or so, dressed in his school uniform chatted with his mates but he was completely aware of his surroundings. Once the bus became full, he stood to let others sit and offered his seat to person after person. None of them took it. He sat back down with his friends but I watched him offer his seat to everyone. When he sneezed, he sneezed in the crook of his arm as his hands were full. A friend chastised him that he should cover his nose when sneezed, and he defended himself, knowing that what he did was polite and the right thing to do. I want to find this kids parents and give them a hug on creating such a little gentleman. He’ll grow up into a fine young man one day.

Along the line of the little dude above, every day, two little 6 year olds, tell me goodbye and give me hugs when when I return. They say please and thank you and pick up after themselves. Just like the little dude above, their manners will carry them far through life and super mad props to the single mom who instilled such kindness and manners in them. They too will grow up to be fine young men.

I also have to give a shout out to Shane. I see him at the bus stop every day. He’s an older gentleman but always let’s me on first, gives up his seat if me or another needs it, he lends a hand to the elderly, and helps moms bring their stroller onto the bus. Looking at Shane’s exterior, one would think, rough and gruff because that is how he appears. He’s a tradie (I think that’s what you Aussies call it) which is basically anyone not at an office/desk job. You can tell he works hard and has worked hard all his life by his weathered hands and rough exterior. Shane doesn’t know my name. I only know his from it being on his shirt, but we chat most days from the weather to the buses running late. If not, we at least say hello. I can say without a doubt if someone had to take a bullet for anyone on the bus, it would be this guy. Again, refreshing to know someone is kind to strangers because they have manners.

Most people are ungrateful for the help of others. Like the little old biddy from a couple of weeks ago, yes I can say that, who nearly bit my head off telling me she didn’t want my help. She then mumbled on and on about how I was just being a nuisance in trying to help her. I finally had to turn my headphones up louder to keep from hearing her grumbles and immediately put up a wall of positive energy to deflect her negative energy she was releasing on the world. If wicked witches were real life, I had found the grandmother of them all.

I didn’t let her ruin my day. I continued to do my kindness. Filling up coffee mugs for others as I went to fill mine. Giving up my seat if needed and still offering assistance to anyone if needed. It is the way I was raised. Be kind. Mind your manners. Say please and thank you and yes or no ma’am/sir.

So hopefully this post will let you know there is kindness out there. Kindness that doesn’t expect anything in return. Kindness for the sake of humanity.


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