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Songs of My Life: December 2016

December started out on a positive note, fell to shit around the middle, and is ending in a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  <— I think that emoji really could sum up the whole of 2016 along with these 3 letters: WTF. It could definitely sum up the last week of December with the deaths of George Michael, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, Richard Adams and spaceman Piers Seller (and that’s just to name a few). December was a long ass month. Exacerbated by the holidays. I am ready to bid adieu to 2016 and kick start 2017 that’s for sure. The songs this month are a reflection of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that I had in December. December didn’t suck but it wasn’t all happy happy joy joy either. Videos at the bottom or click HERE

“Love and Luck” by Jimmy Buffett
You know when you start your day and feel unstoppable? That’s how December kicked off and with this song. A sign of wonderful change ahead. “Better days are in the cards, I can feel it in the changing winds…everybody needs a little good luck charm, a little gris-gris keep us safe from harm…with a little love and luck we will get by…”

“Something Good” by Dead Sara
Chatting with Da Niece about the challenges that life throws at someone, this song played and it was appropriate for what we were both talking about and feeling. “You’ve got to take a chance for all you been through and lost. Let the walls come crumblin’ … You’ve gotta take a chance before it’s all said and done. Complicated, something easy…Hope something good happens to you…”

“Pleasure and Pain” by Divinyls
I’ve become obsessed with this band and they had 2 songs in last months list and I felt like this song was stalking me one day. Wherever I was, it was playing. I paid attention to the Universe, sat down with the song, closed my eyes and listened. These lyrics: “Lover why do you push? I’ve been standing in the back of your life, back row, center, just above the ice. Please don’t ask me how I’ve been getting off…Why you want to mess it up, sooner or later I’ll find my place…it’s a fine line between pleasure and pain…” Connect with this song on so many levels. I could write a post just about it. Maybe another time and day for that though.

“Blood, Sweat & Beers” by Blackjack Billy
This is my monthly homage to Southern life: “Talk with a drawl, like it or not. Am what I am, ain’t what I ain’t…don’t make a lot but got all I need. I ain’t trying to be nothing but me…” I am just me. Sometimes together. Sometimes a hot mess. Mostly happy to chase my Australian dream and enjoy the now.

“One Particular Harbour” by Jimmy Buffett
Finally read Hemingway’s TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT. The book takes place in Cuba and Key West and this song mixed with reading the novel reminded me of my love for Key West. The moment I stepped foot in Key West, I understood Hemingway’s love for that 2 mile by 4 mile salty piece of land. It resets my soul. These lyrics: “I know I don’t get there often enough, God knows I surely try. It’s a magic kind of medicine that no doctor could prescribe…but there’s this one particular harbour so far but yet so near where I see the days as they fade away and finally disappear….”

“Nothing on the Wire” by Models
I don’t remember why the lyrics, “radio is dead there’s nothing on the wire, just a fever pitch getting higher and higher…” clicked with me and to be honest, I don’t really care. I dig this song.

“Throw Your Arms Around Me” by Hunters & Collectors
First, I always want to call this band Hunters and Gatherers. Second, like “Pleasure and Pain” by Divinyls, this song seriously stalked me over the course of two days. I had listened to this band and song before per suggestion of Nick and dug it, but over the course of the two days, I swear this song played almost hourly. I couldn’t escape it. So I sat down with it like I did for “Pleasure and Pain” and listened. These lyrics: “You will make me laugh and make me cry and we will never forget it…so shed your skin and let’s get started and you will throw your arms around me…”

“Electric Crown” by Testament
This is my my favorite Testament song. Mid way into December, I hit an emotional fucking wall that lasted until the holidays showed up. I can tell you the exact night it started, Dec 14. I cried like I have never cried before (that’s a lie, I’ve cried like this before) and it was even worse on the night of the 15th and on the 16th I was a hot damn mess trying not to cry in public on my walk home from work. After work on the 16th was an evening of errors and compiling at a fast rate, it took everything to hold it together until I got to the sanctuary of my apartment. I thought at first it was because my mom’s death was coming up. I usually find myself around this time frame with sad feelings, but to be honest, even if I have shed tears this bad, I didn’t feel on the verge of crying all the time. The emotional wall was made worse because of the week it decided to rear it’s head…the week of her death and the week of a full moon. I added this song before the emotional wall hit because it kept popping up on shuffle. Now it makes sense with these lyrics: “So alone. Away it goes the life that you have wasted. You never know where it might go, the sweet success you’ve tasted. Tasted by a bitter frown, knowing I must die for. Can’t confide, to all the lies. No one to inquire. As I wander, change of seasons. As I realize, that I’ll soon be there.”

“Make Out Alright” by Divinyls
Get ready because this band holds the next 3 spots. I’ve been turning to this song this month as a reminder that it will all be all right: “All that you wanted baby is right in front of you. Is my message getting through to you? True communication is always hard to find. When you’ve left your words behind. Do you know where you’re going, do you know where you go? There’s no way of knowing if you let him go. If there’s soul where you going. If there’s soul let it show. I know where you go. You’re gonna make out all right or break out all right. ”

“Boys in Town” by Divinyls
This month when I heard this song it was a constant reminder as how much I’ve grown emotionally and mentally. Figuring out things important and not important. More importantly I’ve been thankful that I’m not young and stupid anymore. Just older and less stupid. “I must have been desperate. I must have been pretty low. I was always driving home, all the boys in town but they never telephoned, get me out of here. I think they’re pretty phony. You’re not like all the rest…”

“Love School” by Divinyls
I just love these lyrics and how Chrissy sings them: “Don’t need your detachment waiting for the storm to pass. Don’t need reenactment of things that have happened in the past. I don’t need some joker making fun at me. I need a lover. I want some sensitivity…don’t be so cold. I need some body and soul. Don’t you be a fool. You need to go to love school…because I don’t want anybody else.”

“Numb (The Soul Assassins Mix)” by U2
One of my favorite U2 songs. The steady way Bono sings it and the mix of this version sums up how my soul was feeling the week of the 15th. Numb.

“Seven Years in Tibet” by David Bowie
These lyrics. That is all: “I praise to you, nothing ever goes away…”

“Ghostworld” by Models
This song has already been in Songs of My Life this year but it’s worthy of a 2nd appearance. These lyrics caught me again: “…see me, I won’t let me go…”

“I Can Dream About You” by Dan Hartman
The week leading up to #CelebratingLek, this song played on the overhead. It was one of my mom’s favorite songs. It will always remind me of her and I know when I hear it, she is near.

“Missing You” by John Waite
Another song my mom loved. Again, it will always remind me of her.

“A Minute Longer” by Stereophonics
This song is a perfect summary of when you don’t want time with someone to end or if you just want time to stand still. “Think I’d like to stay a minute longer. Would you like to stay a minute longer.”

“Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child
I know, what? Destiny’s Child? 13,000 plus songs and iTunes on shuffle, I get random gems. These lyrics just stuck out: “Just the question why do you feel you gotta lie?” I guess we all lie. Lie to ourselves. Each other. So on. Why can’t we all just be honest. I’ve always said, I’d rather be hurt by the truth than ever comforted with a lie. I guess this song was my reminder for that.

“Hunter” by 30 Seconds to Mars (Bjork cover)
Covers usually suck giant donkey balls, but this one is rather good. The 30STM crew does well with this song. Like the original and this cover, I love the lyrics: “So you left me on my own…you just didn’t know me…”

“Kiss You Off” by Scissor Sisters
When you want to channel your inner diva drag queen, Scissor Sisters are good for it. These lyrics: “Kiss you off my lips. I don’t need another tube of that dime store lipstick. Well, I think I’m gonna buy me a brand new shade of man…kiss you off these lips of mine. Kiss you off for a custom shine. Pissed yours truly off this time. It’s why I ain’t just kissing you, I’m kissing you off.” PS: Miss Ana Matronic & Jake Shears are fierce in this video. FI-ER-CE

“Falling” by Alicia Keys
And when you need to channel your inner R-n-B diva, Alicia is good for it. These lyrics: “Sometimes I feel good, sometimes I feel used…I keep on falling in and out of love with you. I never loved someone the way I love you…”

“Last Christmas” by Wham
I have 2 favorite Christmas songs. This and “Little Drummer Boy” sung by David Bowie & Bing Crosby. It’s not Christmas until I hear both. I was saddened by the news of George Michzel’s death on Xmas day (Boxing Day in AUS). 2016 has taken the best of the best. It really needs to stop now and 2017 you be kinder to us!

“Mona Lisa” by Dead Sara
I adore this band. Adore. I love these lyrics: “I’m so cold and lonely, I could be dead but I’m doing all right…”

“Breaking Free” by Night Riots
This song comes via Amy. And these lyrics hit me in my imaginary balls. “You’re not my savior, just someone I used to see. I am broken. Something’s wrong inside of me. I feel violent. Like I’m dying. I feel broken. Maybe I’m just breaking free…”

“I IV V” by Injected
Flashback song for me. I still love this album (Burn It Black) and this song. “Kiss away dependency. Show me what it means to be. Clean and full of dirty bliss. Fifteen minutes more of this. What’s your favorite color? Dreaming in no other. What to do? what to say? So my fifteen won’t fade away…” For me, it ties in with Stereophonics “A Minute Longer”. Time is always short with the people we love to be around. A minute longer, 15 more minutes…it’s never enough if you enjoy their company because they make the world disappear when they’re around.

“Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Sometimes the Universe is a funny little joker! I had a conversation with Nick about extended mixes of songs. The disco and 80s eras were notorious for these bad boys and usually the ‘B’ side of the album or cassette single had the extended mix, the extended dance remix, or the 12″ remix. This is one of those songs that has one. I was watching Crazyheads on Netflix when “Relax” started playing. I giggled to myself but coincidently on Facebook at the same time, I was tagged in a post about the extended remix of the same song. Oh Universe, you little joker. So that’s how this song ended up on here.
Conversation + scene from a show + Facebook post = Songs of My Life.