Haikus: January 2017

I was reading “The Portable Jack Kerouac” and stumbled upon his “western haikus” (he kept to the 3 lines vs the traditional 5/7/5 syllables per line). I remember in grade school learning and writing haikus and loving them. It kind of gave me inspiration that morning on my commute to write one every day.. So inspired by Kerouac, I wrote a daily western haiku for Twitter. If you missed them or if you’re not on Twitter, you can read them below. I had fun while writing them. I think I will continue for the rest of the year.

Jan 31
words on paper don’t
sink into the skin or
drown in the feelings

Jan 30
between the beats and breaths
voids of space and depth
feelings drown and smother

Jan 29
oppression depression
fighting dark clouds
resistance is futile

Jan 28
inspiration now gone
hate sits in office
four long years of bull shit

Jan 27
swelling bites on skin
mosquito my enemy
mother fucker die

Jan 26
AUS my forever home
my soul sighs here
I celebrate you today

Jan 25
want equal rights pay respect
get slut shamed disrespect
want voice be heard

Jan 24
i don’t dwell on what ifs
focus on the now
with you by my side

Jan 23
the past is the past
all that matters is right now
forget the future

Jan 22
sundays are some days
some days are far away
lazy days are best days

Jan 21
uncrushed living
coffee and reading in park
never want it to end

Jan 20
idiots of free will
put idiots in office
pray for America

Jan 19
almost the weekend
so close so far away
need moments to breathe now

Jan 18
running to clear mind, soul
running from fear of living
running for life

Jan 17
worrying causes more
brain can’t help but to
over thinking make it stop

Jan 16
summer heat blazing
oppression of the lungs
burning skin to leather

Jan 15
blades cutting the ice
the tink on on the crossbar
the sounds of hockey

Jan 14
darkness invading
fingers wrap around my throat
choking killing me

Jan 13

you inspire, make me happy
you inspire, drive me mad
you inspire me

Jan 12
can’t sleep, headache
pain over you, want to sleep now
sleep forever

Jan 11

Laying in bed
Watching the room get brighter
Wishing it would rain now

Jan 10
Coffee my love
You are my confident
Never could I give you up

Jan 9
in the park alone
birds peck at hidden worms
both starved for attention


Jan 8
Feet hit the ground
Lungs burning of fire
Running is pain and zen and hard

Jan 7
Reading between imaginary lines
I can’t give
Zero fucks

Jan 6
Scenery slipping by
Life stands still
In my morning commute into the mouth of hell