February Haikus

Three little lines with a minimum of seventeen syllables have become my morning routine. I rather enjoy this writing exercise. Some move me while some are not so great but I’m writing every day and that’s all that really matters to me. You can follow them daily on Twitter. If you missed them or if you’re not on Twitter, you can read them below. I had fun while writing them.

Feb 28
piano drifting through air
soul desperate for care
love drowned by despair

Feb 27
monday morning always
seems like fight or flight
today i fight my life

Feb 26
bang clang crash
early morning fight
between garbage bins and garbage trucks

Feb 25
up too early and
not enough coffee
sleep please comeback to me

Feb 24
time for happy cheer
to drink lots of beer
friday is finally here

Feb 23
reality drenched in
memories long forgotten
dreams lost amongst stars

Feb 22
light of darkness
dark of light
light the way for my damned eternal soul

Feb 21
was once told
I was too honest, too much, too spunky
Just want to be

Feb 20
Like the eye of the storm
Swept up into the unknown
Feelings rained down

Feb 19
facing fears of
spiders alive and deadly
not comforting to soul

Feb 18
calling it eight oh eight
by disturbing the peace
with mad ass drumbeats

Feb 17
deep bleeding wounds
from howling cold winds
living like this needs to end soon

Feb 16
do the confessions
of the heart soul matter
to those who seem not care

Feb 15
body out of whack
all systems malfunctioning
need sleep to repair

Feb 14
whispering voices
all in my head self doubt
will this ever cease to end

Feb 13
Squander and glory
Your plan b not extraordinary
No way out

Feb 12
bleed and not one soul cares
no one is there
but the cold thin death of air

Feb 11
saturday it’s just you and me
plus coffee
not how it should be

Feb 10
finger pointing
and no one listening
hate consuming human hearts

Feb 9
my heart barely beating
lungs gasping for dry air
death becomes me

Feb 8
what colors do you see
when you look at me
pastels or primary

Feb 7
sinking drowning
caught adrift on wood
soul lost on waves of emotion

Feb 6
your aura glows in pink
with hints of red
soul ridden with depression

Feb 5
inspired photographs
two crows staring
nothing said, said everything

Feb 4
do not hate
what you don’t understand
just listen with open mind

Feb 3
tired of double standards
always cross the thin blue line
will speak my mind

Feb 2
head shattering into
thousands of pieces
Pain betwern ears and eyes

Feb 1
Broken winged bird
Unnurtured soul
Fly away from this wretched hell hole

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