A Ghost in the Raindrop

A Ghost in the Raindrop

A ghost in the raindrop
Lives within clear walls
Unseen by all but only seen when it falls

A ghost in the raindrop
Tears down wicked walls
Unheard at all but only heard when it hits on tin

A ghost in the raindrop
Collects in the cracks of walls
Unfelt by all but only felt when it touches skin

A ghost in the raindrop
Falls down in walls
Untasted by all but only tasted on the tongue of those dancing in the rain

A ghost in the raindrop
Finally freed from its walls
Un-smelled by all
Until it touches earth and becomes petrichor

Written March 12, 2017

NOTES: This was inspired by a line from Mark Danielewski’s book THE FAMILIAR VOL 1: “a ghost in the raindrop”
Normally, I can wrap up a poem in less than a day, two max, but this one took almost 2.5 weeks. I lost the moment and I feel it shows but I felt so strong about the line from his book, I made myself finish it.