March Haikus

Three months strong for three little lines! As I’ve said before they’re part of my morning routine now and enjoy this writing exercise. I’m proud of them all, even the bad ones. You can follow them daily on Twitter. If you missed them or if you’re not on Twitter, you can read them below.

March 31
Always falling stumbling
breathing standing
shaking nerves because of you

March 30
I cannot let go
go of the thought
the thought that consumes my soul

March 29
eyes of gray skies
glorious mind that is
a ball of confusion

March 28
in all of time and space
you may never be more loved
than you are now

March 27
a ghost in the raindrops
lost in the world
alone in the Universe

March 26
once chosen always
loved forever grateful
you are in my life

March 25
in spite of the now
i cannot quit ever
because of the what ifs

March 24
too broken and so lost
letting go of you
in fear and in my death

March 23
loudness in my head
voices of the undead
screaming for that rest in peace

March 22
knock on the door
but no one answers
when an empty soul is there

March 21
music for one’s soul can be
tears for another
and peace for some

March 20
awaiting for the day
a soul looks my way
and says it’s okay

March 19
sundays for sleeping in
the garbage man says no
get up lazy soul

March 18
waiting wishing hoping
dreaming believing
not giving up on you

March 17
Saint Patrick’s Day
may the luck of the Irish
guide you on this day

March 16
howling tunnel
full of cold win
carrying passengers into their hell

March 15
reuniting with family
will be short lived
but most needed for this soul

March 14
notes on paper
journal of another
secrets within fear without

March 13
sirens slicing through
wakening the night
is someone dead or alive

March 12
I feel old not new
forgotten but remembered
lost and not yet found

March 11
a sly smile or glance
flutters in the heart
is there a chance romance

March 10
rainy days often brings rainbows
rainbows bring smiles
smiles bring love

March 9
whining dog in distance
uncared or just hungry
someone pet me please

March 8
sleepless restless nights
thoughts consumed by the dark
soul fights unseen demons

March 7
Never ending cycle
Of love and loss
I fall into the abyss

March 6
Happiness a mere moment
Caught off guard
Lost forever down the drain

March 5
do you see me or
see right through me
a stranger waiting for coffee

March 4
Light bleeding through
Cracks of fading wood
Lighting darkness fading away

March 3
echo of a voice
suspended in the wind
weighs the heart heavily down

March 2
Time slipping in cracks
Caught in rays of sunlight
Fading in the darkness

March 1
ghost in the raindrop
memory of mind
hidden in fear killed by time

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