May Haikus

I had more fun this month writing these “western haikus”. Someone asked what inspired them daily and it really depends. Some days I’ll look at a person that’s waiting on the train near me and write one I think that might be their thoughts, some days I’ll are just inspired by what energy or mood I will pick up from people passing by, some are inspired by things I like (Doctor Who related haiku May 25, David Bowie related haiku May 30, birthday love to my nieces May 5 & May 8). The inspiration is as random as the thoughts in my head. You can follow them daily on Twitter. If you missed them or if you’re not on Twitter, you can read them below.

May 31
open heart pulling light
loving you in darkest night
never in flight

May 30
your scary monsters
do not fear ashes to ashes
I’ll always be there

May 29
comfortable in silence with you
quiet my mind
comfort my soul

May 28
surrounding aura of blues
shine bright in the sky night
fading in light

May 27
stillness settles
survived the on coming storm
battle another day

May 26
a flower blooming in darkness
untouched by the sun
surviving strong

May 25
no companionship
no madman with a box
a life in tardis blue

May 24
songs of dispair
drifting through dark soured air
anxiety replaced by hope

May 23
Blackness surrounds my soul
Dull ache where my heart once was
Empty cavern

May 22
Dylan singing poetic blues
Leaves falling and
Only hope left behind

May 21
jealousy appears
with imagery of love
laughter not for me

May 20
cawing birds cry out
starved for food and shelter
raining barren winter

May 19
death dances at my door
I won’t let him in
not ready to give in

May 18
treading lightly on
clouds of shattered hopes
piecing together daydreams

May 17
piano keys brooding music
fire and brimstone
my heart explodes in love

May 16
sunny day dreams
blue birds a flight
universal light magic within

May 15
broken gray clouds
shattered pieces of my soul
no love to you anymore

May 14
what do you do when
a tiredness runs through
veins that no sleep can cure

May 13
moments are quiet
a heart is still
a soul is at peace, slumber dear

May 12
‪Quiet mind‬, stolen heart‬
Lost my soul between
Madness and being in love

May 11
Mind stands quiet staring
Heart stands on the edge
Soul sighs says jump, be free

May 10
Full moon, messes with mind
Heightens the heart to fill pain
Soothes the soul with love

May 9
a forgotten umbrella
dried out dreams
soaked to the bone broken heart

May 8
Riley my bright star
old soul, young body
brave spirit, wise mind, so loved

May 7
rainy day cleanse my soul
make it whole and
detox my life from fear

May 6
restless spirit quiet
souless spirit silence
fade back into black

May 5
Taylor, my buggy
diva mind, brave and kind
know you are loved by me

May 4
eyes burn into soul
smile steals heart
you always enlighten life

May 3
when you are not enough
and they no longer care
demons in despair

May 2
a moment of sadness
a moment of hurt
a moment of relief

May 1
Makes you want to quit, give up, give no fucks
Kick Monday’s balls

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