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Songs of My Life: June 2017

June. Winter in Australia. Summer in the US.
I think this comparison is a perfect summary for my life in June.
Hot and Cold. Good days and bad days. Everything and nothing.
You can watch/listen below or click HERE

“Submission” by Sex Pistols
Not a bad way to start June. It was the lyrics that caught my ear: “…You’ve got me pretty deep baby. I can’t figure out your watery love. I gotta solve your mystery. You’re setting it out in heaven above…”

“Broken Anyway” by Ryan Adams
On a cold autumn morning this song comforted me with these lyrics:
 “…It was broken, it was fake. I just close my eyes and shake. Last chance before it slips away. Throw it all away and can’t go back again. What was whatever it became? Whatever, we will still be together in some ways…”

“Just Dancing” by Sylvan Esso
Sometimes you need a song that lifts your spirits and in doing so it lifts your booty off the couch and gets you dancing too. This song is that.

“That Love” by The Kills (non electric)
The electric version of this song is pretty fab but the non electric is just heartbreaking. These lyrics, whew: “…If you get a minute. You can find a whole day and think. Let somebody in that ain’t cuttin’ like a snake…It’s over now. It’s over now. That love you’re in is a fucking joke…”

“Dirty Rain” by Ryan Adams
What a wonderful tune. I love the heartbreak and heartache in this song. “Last time I was here you were waiting, you ain’t waiting anymore…So, may the wind blow, may the moonlight know your name. So, let the needle move the record ’round. ‘Til the walls cave in and you and I are out there Dancin’ in the dirty rain

“Tarifa” by Sharon Van Etten
Have to thank David Lynch and Twin Peaks for another great tune in my life. I feel the song is a sad plea but boy does it resonate within me.

“Boomerang Love” by Jimmy Buffett
I’ve always dug this song and this album. This was just a nice little ode to love. “…riding on a boomerang love. Can’t let go. Running fast, movin’ slow. What’s the right way, who is to say. Tension and suspension on a boomerang love…”

“So Much Love” by Depeche Mode
Seriously, I adore this band. This one of my favorite tracks off of SPIRIT. No specific lyrics here, just the whole damn song.

“Weighted” by Marconi Union
This will just put your mind at peace.

“Liars” by Sex Pistols
Another Sex Pistols song. These lyrics hit close this month: “You never look me in the face. Broke a confidence just to please your ego. Should’ve realized you know what I know. You’re in suspension you’re a liar…”

“Picture Perfect” by Eighteen Visions
I freaking love be new 18V album and this song makes me want to punch things. These lyrics: “…You never told me what you really were. Another lie, but now I see right through you. Sitting pretty. Least you thought you were until your walls came down and now I know your game…You gave me a reason to hate. Gave me a reason to hate. Gave me a reason to hate myself for ever knowing you…”

“Streets of Gold” by needtobreathe
One morning I woke up with these lyrics in my head. Not sure what triggered it or why this song out of all the music I own but hey, The Universe wanted me to hear it for some reason: “I want you to know. I’m leaving to let you go and someday we’ll walk upon the streets of gold…”

“She’s Gone Away” by Nine Inch Nails
Another one from David Lynch and Twin Peaks. Episode 8 featured NIN and they were the only thing in the entire episode that made sense.