June Haikus

Half way through the year and still going strong. Here are the haikus of June. Enjoy.
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June 30
sounds of wind chimes

smell of fresh cut grass
memories of my childhood

June 29
hope can fill the heart
hope can feed the soul
hope can fuel the spirit

June 28
Proud Vietnam vet
Loving husband and father
Happy birthday daddy

June 27
echoes of silence
reverberate in my soul
the oncoming storm

June 26
no one smiles or moves
surrounded by loud silence
strangers on a train

June 25
walking and talking
sharing moments with him
mean the world to me

June 24
slow ticking clock in the silence
counting down my life
into nothing

June 23
biting wind, cold mornings
sun cannot warm
hibernating until spring

June 22
survivor of the oncoming storm
of the darkness
of my own mind

June 21
in times of crisis
don’t stand behind yellow line
fight for your dreams

June 20
staining my soul
with the color of your love
hope fills me when needed most

June 19
starting a new day
in the cleansing rain
soul refreshed and filled with love

June 18
sharing laughter and life
over beer and popcorn
Chosen Family

June 17
falling rain lullabies
gray sky blankets
winter singing me to sleep

June 16
chai latte and donut
favorite Friday things
happiness for weekend

June 15
small hellos
kind smiles
strangers becoming momentarily friends

June 14
broken pieces and shattered shards
pieces of my broken soul
dying on the floor

June 13
empty apartment
ticking clock loud as thunder
corners of darkness

June 12
airport goodbyes‬
‪memories for life
‪#DadsAussieAdventures ends

June 11
quiet winter rains
hiding under blankets
wake me when sun is out

June 10
gray skies falling rain
sharing last moments
daughter’s love for her dad

June 9
full moon Friday
heightened senses
full of Universal light love magic

June 8
rainy days sleepless nights
out of control thoughts
drowning in my own mind

June 7
starry nights staring
at cosmos silent wonders
real or just a dream

June 6
vibrations of love
feelings of positive hope
letting all fear go

June 5
from below to where
ever your spirit be
happy birthday mama

June 4
winter mornings
warm blankets hold me down
want to sleep the day away

June 3
ode to the garbage man
wakes me before alarm
keeping the streets clean

June 2
hope, a light in the dark
rope for the disenchanted
path for who are lost

June 1
alone she sat
watching the passing train
seeing her life go nowhere

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